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Registered Charity Number – 1165915


Old Goole Youth Club & Cyber Cafe

We work in partnership under the auspice of Goole Youth Action with statutory and community organisations to deliver youth provision in the Old Goole and Goole area, which consists of:

  • A weekly Cyber Café for 8 to 13 year old, established in 2004
  • A much-needed weekly Youth Club held at our sister Community Centre two nights a week for 11 – 13 year old and 14 – 17 year old
  • A Young People’s Youth Club run one night a week following a rise in anti-social behaviour in the area
  • An Us Girls group which focuses on issues relating specifically to young women giving them the opportunity to discuss such issues in a safe and confidential environment whilst having fun

By allowing supervised internet access, we have observed that children who use the Internet gain in cognitive abilities such as memory, logical problem solving, critical thinking, concentration, abstraction and comprehension. The internet exposes children to information to improve the quality of learning that they can transform into knowledge. Through the use of the internet, children’s language and literacy development are often promoted, allowing for greater gains in verbal and nonverbal skills.


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