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Our Priorities

Our organisation tenets aptly describe our organisation as inclusive, community led and through empowerment address needs, promote well-being, learning and meaningful employment.  We have undertaken significant research and believe we work in partnership with statutory, private, community and voluntary organisations to address the following:

The ERYC Joint Health & Well Being Strategy (2016) reports ‘the most challenging issues facing health & social care provision in the East Riding are rising demand, reducing budgets, the changing demographics of service users and the enduring pressure to tackle health inequalities, requiring a greater emphasis on early intervention & prevention & a multi-disciplinary approach to building the mental, physical & social health of individuals at each stage of their lives.  This statement is echoed through our own organisational tenets and we believe our goals can complement and intertwine with the ERYC strategy which looks to build the resources which support and maintain good health and wellbeing and will contribute to reducing the need for costly interventions.

We believe our services cover the four stages of life as set out by the ERYC Health & Wellbeing Board:

Start Well – pregnancy & the early years

Develop Well – childhood to adolescence

Live & Work Well – adult & working life

Age Well & End Of Life – retirement & later life

We have undertaken this research to ensure our services are in line with those of the East Riding of Yorkshire Health & Well Being Board, the Joint Economic Strategy & its Action Plan (in draft at April 2018) & the Councils Business Plan & Financial Strategy.  We have therefore set our priority outcomes to align with the priority outcomes of the above:

  • Children & young people within our reach area enjoy good health & wellbeing
  • Residents in our reach area achieve healthy, independent, ageing
  • We are steadfast in reducing health inequalities in our reach area
  • We value our environment & have pledged to develop our infrastructure to reduce waste, reuse & recycle our waste
  • We are committed to maximizing potential by supporting economic growth & strong communities
  • We are dedicated to supporting vulnerable people, reducing inequalities, protecting from harm & improving the quality of peoples lives
  • We promote health, wellbeing and independence
  • We are committed to working in partnership with all agencies to reduce costs & raise performance