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Registered Charity Number – 1165915


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The management committee administers the organisation and meets monthly to manage the organisation’s operations. The Charity Manager reports to the management committee and is responsible for the daily operations of the Charity.

Our Members
Our Members


Shareholders of the organisation are the clients, management committee, volunteers and the community at large. There are currently 110 shareholders which include all members of the management committee.


The clients are those living in the immediate area of Goole and those travelling from the rural Marshland villages surrounding the area. Typically, there is a broad mix of clients ranging from youngsters accessing the services with parents, teens, vulnerable elderly and those who are living in social isolation. Deprivation figures show that this community suffers from a low wage economy with a majority of working people qualifying for benefits. The parish ward of Old Goole is the most deprived area in the East Riding of Yorkshire as per East Riding Data Observatory figures.

Our Members