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Community Surgeries

We have an IT suite with 8 computers which offers free internet access to the whole of the community. This enables local people to job search, write CV’s, complete homework, socialise and in the case of the migrant workers a valuable link to their own countries.

We also provide volunteer opportunities for the local community to help them learn job skills and provide them with some training opportunities, which in many cases can enhance their CV when job searching. The local residential YMCA place young people with us to facilitate their residential contract. We also work with JJ Training and the Job Centre providing work placements for those who are long term unemployed. The placements last for 6 months which again we provide with training opportunities to enhance their CV’s and help them to gain employment.

We work in partnership with the police providing a weekly surgery on site offering the opportunity for the local community to discuss their concerns.


If you would like to find out more about the Community Surgeries at The Moorlands Community Charity, please contact us today.